"The Abominable Plagiarism of Bobby Reed" Out Now – Get it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc…


theguiltracket has seen many faces. Front-man bobby reed, tyler cobb, logan lewis and jesse form this indie rock band The group recently released their full-debut, thuds and grunts. The album is currently being broadcast on over 200 CMJ radio stations, charting CMJ top 30 on many of those. Thuds and Grunts currently sits at #22 on the CMJ top 200.

In August of 2012 theguiltracket’s “thuds and grunts” got picked up for licensing by Viacom for “Jersey Shore” and MTV for various programs including “Cribs”, “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and “Parental Control.”

theguiltracket sees international success with online sales, distribution, and internet streaming (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) Mostly, though, theguiltacket finds it success in the mid-west region including, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri.

Recently returning from a successful West Coast trip, theguiltracket is looking forward to their first SXSW showcase this year with radio promoters Tinderbox Music.


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